‘Cops for Trump’ T-shirts minneoplis red shirts for sale by cops
MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota — “Cops for Trump” t-shirt sales from the Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis aren’t slowing down ahead of the president’s rally on Thursday. President Trump also showed his support for the shirts on his social media.

cpos for trump tees minnesaota shirt
Tuesday afternoon a sign on the police union’s door said “Out of shirts till 3 p.m.”
“Yes, it’s been insane,” Federation Vice President Sgt. Sherral Schmidt said.
minneoplis red shirts for sale by cops shirts
Schmidt said their phone had been ringing all day, including international calls, and their website had crashed several times. Both officers and members of the public have been buying the shirt.
A new policy says off-duty Minneapolis police officers cannot wear their uniforms while they’re endorsing a political party, candidate or campaign. Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey said the policy was in the works long before President Trump’s planned visit this week.
minneoplis red shirts for sale by cops tshirt
“The Minneapolis Police Department is neither a Republican nor a Democrat entity. It is non-ideological nor is it partisan. It is a neutral entity that is charged with ensuring the public safety of every single resident in the city of Minneapolis,” Frey said, during a press conference Tuesday afternoon.
Kroll and others have accused Mayor Frey of being politically motivated because officers have appeared as backdrops in events held in the past by Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. But KARE 11 political reporter John Croman points out that those events weren’t political campaign rallies.
The red shirts read “Cops for Trump” and feature an American flag shaped like the state of Minnesota. The design also includes an outline of three common badge shapes, including that of the Minneapolis Police Department.


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